Form 803 - Behested Payments - A Public Document

You are preparing to file the Form 803 electronically. Please note that electronic filing is optional, and that it is only available to STATE officials. You may also complete a hard copy of Form 803 to be submitted to your agency’s filing officer. For detailed instructions on how to complete the Form 803, please see the Form 803 page on FPPC’s website.

File Form 803 within 30 days following the date on which the payment(s) meets or exceeds $5,000 in the aggregate from a single source in a calendar year (Code Section 84224). Once a single source has made a behested payment of $5,000 or more during the calendar year, subsequent payments of any amount from that source must be reported.

Upon the filing of this report and after initial review by FPPC staff, you will be sent a confirmation email. Your submission will be made public, and a copy of your report will be sent to the filing officer for your agency (Code Section 84224). Officials submitting their reports electronically do not need to file separately with the official’s state agency.

Please note that only STATE officials have the option to file a Behested Payment Report electronically with the Fair Political Practices Commission. Local officials should file reports with their local filing officers.

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